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Why have your carpet cleaned by the professionals?

Cleanliness and Carpets

Why your carpets need to be cleaned after an illness (Virus)
As we all know the Australian Government Bureau of Statistics are constantly updating the number of deaths at this time due to the effects of Covid 19. But that is not the only virus in this world.

Have you (or recently had an unexpected visitor) or someone in your family suffering from a bad cold, stomach virus or the flu it is inherent of you to regularly disinfect all surfaces including the carpet throughout the home. One sneeze can spread germs over a large area and where do they land? well as we all know mostly on the floor.

The germs which caused such an illness are most likely to be alive & well not only in your carpet but also on your upholstery, in the bed linen & on other regularly used surfaces such as door knobs, light switches & hand railings etc.

Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

Regular vacuuming of your carpet while it helps with the aesthetics and general feel of the carpet it does not get to the deep down dirt & accumulated grit which is damaging the fibres, and providing a breeding area for germs, but most importantly it will not kill off those nasty germs.

Steam carpet cleaning does an excellent job of sterilising any carpet by the use of approved cleaning agents, forcing hot water under high pressure(steam) into the carpet dislodging the dirt, bacteria, dust mites and other lurking nasties, combined with a powerful vacuum at the same time extracting the grunge to be disposed of elsewhere thus ridding your carpet of germs and grime lowering the chance of re-infection, and as an added bonus gives your valuable carpet a new lease of life by ridding the pile of abrasive grit.

Upholstery, Bedding and Towels

Professional carpet cleaners can also use the same process on most upholstered items e.g., dining chairs & sofas.

If someone is ill stripping all bed linen, towels and giving them a good wash on high heat weekly is also advised.

High Usage Areas

Everyone in a household regularly touches doors, door handles, push pads, kitchen cupboard, light switches, TV remotes keyboards etc. the list goes on, the reason so many people get ill is through touching infected items, if someone has a contagious illness it is imperative that a daily cleaning regime is set up with constant cleaning using a disinfectant so as to minimise the risk of further infections within the household.

Most professional carpet cleaners are also able to offer hard surface steam cleaning for tile & grout within the home getting into any crack which you may miss.

Many outbreaks of illness on large cruise ships can be attributed to the fact that they have large numbers in confined spaces all touching the same area’s hand rails and walls & door handles. Regular hand washing with warm soapy water is essential.


Let’s start with us!

That’s right we humans shed approx. 1 million skin cells per person per day, disgusting isn’t it, considering that the majority of household dust is made up of skin cells and there are four people in your home that’s a lot.
A regular vacuum will help to eradicate some of these cells but not all considering that dust mites feed on these skin cells if you don’t keep on top of them they are on a feeding frenzy and multiplying fast.

Next time you're playing on the floor with the children give it some thought. Regular Expert Professional Steam Cleaning of your carpet is essential to your households good health.

Allergy and Asthma sufferers will thank you for it.

Famed microbiologist and author Philip Tierno “The Secret Life of Germs” surmised after extensive research that an average carpet holds onto 200,000 bacteria per square inch! That is more than the average toilet. Yuk call the professional carpet cleaner now.

Carpet in high traffic areas accumulate some of the most harmful bacteria known e.g.; E Coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus! These enter the home on the soles of shoes, or by pets in the form of faeces.

While all of this is a disgusting thought, bacteria will find its way in regardless, no matter how careful you are.

All you can do is minimise the risk to your household by setting up a regular cleaning schedule. Get your local professional steam carpet cleaner in Hobart into your home at least once a year, twice would be better or more often if you have pets. Take your shoes off at the door, restrict pets to certain rooms if able and wash those hands.

PS. Regular deep steam cleaning not only prolongs the life of your carpet but keeps it fresh as well.

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