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How Often Should You Have Your Windows Cleaned?

Keeping the outside of your windows clean not only enhances the appearance of them but also the overall look of your Home/Office/ or Shopfront. Regular cleaning can also improve your properties insulation thus reducing your cost of heating & cooling throughout the year. Window glass if left uncleaned for long periods can suffer damage from scratching & staining.

How often should we have our Windows Cleaned?

Many homeowners prefer to have their windows cleaned just once a year but is this enough?

How often you have your windows cleaned, depends on a number of factors such as.

Where you live  and considering the following;

Prevailing weather conditions, wind, rain & overly dry periods.

Nearby factories, construction sites, heavy traffic on thoroughfares, diesel fumes etc

Building density high rise unit development. Inner city v suburban living.

Exhaust fumes from Cafes/Restaurants & takeaways

Coastal areas sand & salt spray

Semi- Rural villages nearby agriculture activities

All these and more contribute to more airborne Dirt & Dust  increasing the need for more frequent cleaning.

In trying to determine the frequency for cleaning your windows take note of the amount of times you need to dust around the interior of your house, sweep any outdoor areas such as paths & patios if dirt and grime is building in those areas it’s also building up on the window glass both inside & out, unfortunately as this is a gradual build-up of film its sometimes not noticed until after you have your windows cleaned, that you realise just how much light was being blocked out.

Gains achieved by regular Outside Window cleaning.

If your Home/ Shopfront or Office windows are caked with dirt & grime, then the benefit of having those windows cleaned on a regular basis is very apparent. That dirt is unsightly from both sides & dirty windows detract from the overall street appeal ( if it’s a shopfront or business turning prospective customers/clients away) plus built up dirt etc. when left untouched can cause scratches in the glass & while these scratches are damaging enough they also allow more dust and debris to settle over time causing more damage.

What is in this dust that causes the damage? Whilst it is not apparent to the naked eye many elements that settle on window glass can be corrosive as in Acid rain, chemicals used in construction, and minerals in hard water weaken window glass affecting its insulation qualities.

All this Dust & Grime on the outside also acts as a natural filter for sunlight, so that when the windows are dirty, your home may feel draughty and colder in wintertime. Without sufficient sunlight some indoor houseplants may even start to wither and wilt.

Whilst having the outside of the windows cleaned on a regular basis ( at least twice a year) think about other external features such as cobwebs around the frames, awnings, window boxes , fly screens etc. to save another call out, speak to your professional cleaner to give the exterior of the house a total wash as well at the same time to bring back that sparkle.

What makes windows Dirty?

Yes!  I know that we just spoken all about that however by cleaning window glass using incorrect methods is a big problem. Especially homeowners who wash their windows using too much detergent, or wrong detergent and failing to rinse off properly. The residue left by some detergents is often sticky so that it then attracts and holds more dust and dirt.

It’s just a normal day in the garden with light breeze blowing and our proud homeowner is tending to their Rose bushes spraying for pests, spraying the fruit trees just before the blossom takes, in search of other nasties, or hosing off the deck and side paths with a pressure washer, any of these seemingly innocent activities is putting something in the air which can and will in some instances find their way onto the glass.

Failure to rinse off properly can lead to streaking leaving the windows visually more unattractive than before the cleaning started. Trying to clean the windows in the hottest part of the day in full sun if using the wrong method is fatal as the detergent dries before its completely rinsed off causing the homeowner to retry with more detergent thus compounding the problem.

Why use Professional Window Cleaners?

Cleaning the windows may seem like a relatively simple task, but it is more challenging than first thought. As already said using too much of or using the wrong detergent and not completely removing it from the glass can mean allowing more dust and grime to stick to windows over time, so the glass steadily gets dirtier than before.

Using the wrong detergents on exterior glass can leave that glass streaky and cloudy NEVER use dish washing detergent, hand soap, car or truck wash. Or other such cleansers as these don’t rinse away very easily. Many cleaners also contain oils that don’t rinse away at all!

Many homeowners are ill equipped by way of window cleaning tools and the expertise in using such. Often, they are trying to climb stepladders/ or extensions whilst juggling cleaning tools etc. leaving themselves at high risk of injury due to falling.

You also may not understand how easy it is to shatter/break thin window glass. A homeowner using a pressure washer and not accustomed to adjusting the  pressure, the possibility of shattering very thin window glass is very real,  unfortunately the TV ads make it look simple.

Professionals have a range of equipment to meet all situations. Including water fed poles and brushes especially designed to be used one operator with the ability to reach 2nd & 3rd storey windows whilst his or her feet are still firmly planted on the ground.

How often should you clean the exterior of your home

Since outside windows might need professional cleaning more often than you realise,  its also good to spray down the exterior surface especially under the eaves where unsightly dirt and grime accumulate and eventually provide a nesting area for insects etc.  we recommend that it should be done on an annual basis.

Wooden decks should be cleaned more often than most surfaces outside the home ,as wood holds moisture that can lead to mould, growing in tiny cracks and crevices (moss) and discolouration and degradation.

After booking your window cleaning with your professional window cleaner enquire about their other services for both outdoor and indoor.

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