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    The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It's not only the place where you prepare meals for your family, but where family members gather to talk about their days and spend time together. As such, you want your kitchen to be a wonderful and sparkling clean place. Luckily for you, the expert kitchen cleaners here at All About Cleaning Services have put together this handy guide on how to thoroughly clean your kitchen.
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    Kitchen cleaning tips

    Run any vases or glassware that's been sitting on open shelves through the dishwasher. Wash crystal by hand.

    Wipe down seals and run a commercial dishwasher cleaner through an empty dishwasher (or place a cup of vinegar on the lowest shelf) to freshen and descale.

    Empty cabinets and drawers. Vacuum and clean using mild detergent or a warm water and soap flake solution.

    Remove crumbs from toaster and clean benchtop appliances.

    Grime likes to accumulate above wall-mounted cabinetry. If this job hasn't been done in a while, sugar soap may be needed to help degrease.

    Clean removable cooktop pieces and extractor fan filters in hot soapy water.

    Tackle the oven. If it's been neglected, start this a day earlier to let the cleaner loosen any grime. However, self-cleaning ovens need to be treated differently, so refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Empty the fridge and clean with warm soapy water. Finish with a swipe of vanilla essence to banish any odours.

    Clean splashbacks and bench tops.

    Clean sink using a circular motion from top to drain.

    Wipe down cabinetry doors, paying close attention around the handles.

    Use a stainless steel cleaner to remove fingerprints from appliances.

    Wash out bin.

    Clean windows.

    Vacuum and mop floor.

    Call in the expert kitchen cleaners from All About Cleaning Services on 03 6273 4192.
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