Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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    Thorough bathroom cleaning in Hobart

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    Cleaning the bathroom is often one of the least enjoyed tasks of any homeowner. However, although we would like to avoid it, cleaning this much-used area of the house is necessary. Here at All About Cleaning Services, we are experts when it comes to cleaning, and we've provided this handy 9-step process to ensure your bathroom gets the
    very best clean possible.
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    Bathroom cleaning tips

    Remove any dust build-up over the ceiling fan.

    Vacuum the floor and any bath mats to remove hair and dust.

    Spray shower and bath, leaving the cleaner to work while you wipe down the walls.

    Scrub shower and bath, paying close attention to edges and grouting. Use a squeegee for any glass panels or doors in the shower.

    Remove everything from vanity top and wipe down top and basin.

    Clean mirror.

    Scrub and disinfect inside of toilet, and don’t forget under the seat and all other nooks and crannies. Wipe down outside of toilet.

    Leave a drop of disinfectant or a squeeze of lemon in the bottom of the toilet brush container to keep it smelling fresh.

    Mop tiles.

    Call in the expert bathroom cleaners from All About Cleaning Services on 03 6273 4192.
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